Kocaeli City Hospital

About Kocaeli City Hospital

Kocaeli City Hospital is one of the most important “city hospital” projects initiated by the Turkish government in the 2020s with the aim of creating state-of-the-art health facilities for public use.

Created with this vision and opened in 2023, Kocaeli City Hospital is a hospital complex designed to serve the city of Kocaeli and neighboring regions. Equipped with the latest medical technology, the hospital aims to provide high quality service to its patients.

About our Project

Indoor air quality, an often overlooked but crucial aspect of all building projects, becomes truly essential for facilities designed for medical use. With our great experience in HVAC projects for the  health industry, including notable projects like the Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener Pandemic Hospital and Antwell, Dansuk Engineering has designed all HVAC systems for this important medical complex.

Our systems for the hospital have been designed with meticulous care and attention to detail by our expert engineer team, and aim to provide perfect indoor air quality for all patients and medical workers.

The complete project, using highest technology VRF systems, consists of 259 indoor and 65 outdoor units.

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