Koç University

About Koç University

Koç University is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. The university was founded in 1993 and has been operating in the Rumeli Feneri Campus on the outskirts of Istanbul since the year 2000. With a beautiful campus surrounded by nature, Koç University strives for academic excellence and aims to contribute to science at a global level. Koc University’s graduates are equipped with the highest level of moral, social and democratic values.

An Extensive Engineering Project

Like many universities, the Koc University campus consists of many buildings that serve educational, social and administrative purposes. As Dansuk Engineering, we provided HVAC and automation solutions for many buildings within the campus, including seminar rooms, laboratories, student centers and student dorms among others.

Air quality is an essential for all buildings, but even more so at an educational complex like a university. In order to make sure that our systems were up to the standards, we used cutting-edge VRS solutions for all projects at Koç University.

With over 300 units and 6000 meters of copper pipes installed, our systems remain functional and highly efficient to this day.

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