Vodafone Arena

About Vodafone Arena

Situated at the center of Istanbul with a beautiful view of the Bosphorus, Vodafone Arena is the new stadium of Besiktas JK.

Vodafone Arena is not only an internationally renowned sports complex with a capacity of 42.000 spectators, it is also a living center of culture, entertainment and sports history.

Dansuk Engineering: HVAC and Digital Solutions

We designed and installed high-tech HVAC and other engineering solutions at Vodafone Arena. The stadium is equipped with state-of-the-art heating and cooling solutions designed with 3-pipe systems. We continue to  provide regular maintenance and management operations in partnership with Besiktas JK.

Vodafone Arena is notable as the first environmentally-friendly stadium in Turkey.

The stadium includes photovoltaic solar panels for harnessing solar energy and rain water collection systems for water storage. The air conditioning systems exclusively use ozone-friendly gasses in their operations. All building materials used in the construction are in accordance with Green Building Certification standards.

Our Philosophy

We approach the Vodafone Arena project as a long-term solution partnership with Besiktas JK. The engineering solutions we provide at Vodafone Arena go much further than just “selling” systems to a client. We consider ourselves to be a part of this ambitious project in the long run.

Dansuk Engineering’s role in the construction of Vodafone Arena is a three-staged endeavour. We designed and installed the HVAC systems of the project from start to finish, and continue to manage the systems to this day.

As we oversaw all three aspects at the same time, we have a very strong grasp on the nature and the requirements of such a demanding project. With careful monitoring, concrete analyses and constant attention, we save the club hundreds of thousands in costs each month.


We provide on-site tours at Vodafone Arena for all of our current and prospective clients.

Contact us via mail or visit our Tours page to experience this beautiful stadium, and get an insight to the inner workings of a sophisticated, high-tech HVAC setup.

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