Ant Plato Shell and Core

Ant Plato Shell and Core projesi Dansuk Mühendislik

Technical Specifications

  • ANTPLATO is a 25-storey building, consisting of 23 office floors and 180 office units of 172 m2 and 80 m2 with advanced office and service features
  • These units can be used as offices or home-offices depending on your personal preference thanks to modular and flexible floor planning. Modules can be enlarged up to 1032 m2.
  • Systems are designed on the basis of floors and regions.
  • There are 8 outdoor units in each of the office floors up to the 22nd floor. There are 176 outdoor units in total.
  • Our outdoor units and indoor units are available on 23rd floor and common areas.

Contact for installation

You can contact Dansuk Engineering all your HVAC needs for your offices at Ant Plato

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