Online Monitoring

What is Online Monitoring?

Our HVAC systems are constantly monitored from our headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey.

By monitoring your systems over the internet, we aim to help you use your air conditioners in a more efficient and economical way.

Our engineers carefully analyze use the obtained data in order to create high-performance, environmentally-friendly products.

Online Monitoring for Our Clients

Online Monitoring helps us design better and more efficient systems, but they also have great benefits for our customers.


Understanding your habits allows us to provide you with the optimum settings for all of your systems.

Low Costs

By analyzing your usage data, we provide the most efficient ways to operate your systems.

Remote Service

We may detect and even solve fundamental problems with your system remotely, saving you time and money.

Life Cycle

By making sure that your system is performing optimally, we help your air conditioners last as long as possible.

Along with all these benefits, online monitoring makes it possible for us to administrate your billing, warranty and spare-parts requirements more efficiently, as well as making sure that your systems are always operative under the best conditions.

Featured References

Dansuk Engineering has completed hundreds of projects over forty years and is a business partner to many prestigious companies.

You can see some of our featured references – as well as a list of all the systems under our online monitoring network – below.

All References

Our strong and innovative infastracture allows us to monitor hundreds of systems at the same time.

You can see a map of all our Online Monitoring clients in the graphic.

To see an interactive version of the graph, please click here.