Our Services

As Dansuk Engineering, we have been providing cutting-edge, innovative and reliable engineering solutions for over fifty years. With a team of expert engineers, we undertake projects of all sizes in Turkey and around the globe, creating long-term business partnerships with our customers.

HVAC Solutions

Cutting edge VRF and other HVAC solutions for residences, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Solar Solutions

Solar solutions to protect our planet, and additional solutions to store and use solar energy efficiently.

Heat Pump Solutions

Efficient and environmentally-friendly heat-pump solutions for all scales, from residences to commercial projects

Engineering Solutions

We provide many services including digital signage, smart TVs and boards and built-in appliances for turnkey project delivery.

HVAC Solutions

With a portfolio of thousands of successfully completed projects, we provide cutting-edge HVAC solutions for projects of all sizes. We also provide additional services that make the post-sales process a breeze, and we support your systems for as long as they remain active.

With over half a century of experience in the HVAC business, we are proud to constantly create innovative and creative solutions for all your HVAC needs

Highlight project –  Vodafone Park HVAC Systems

Solar Solutions

We know that the future of energy lies in renewable sources. That’s why we’re proud to offer solar solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

We use solar power to generate electricity with photovoltaic panels in many projects — but we are also able to design solar cooling projects at industrial scale, as well as providing energy storage solutions and integrations with other technologies, including solar powered heat pumps and air conditioning.

Highlight Project – Arctic Romania

Heat Pump Solutions

We make heating and cooling simpler, more efficient and environmentally friendly with heat pumps, which reduce energy costs up to 50% when compared to systems based on natural gas.

With our heat-pump solutions that are compatible with renewable energy systems, we create solutions that are both good for our customers, and good for our planet.

Highlight Reference: Turkey’s Largest-scale Heat Pump Project – Seba Taşevler

Other Solutions

We are happy to provide solutions in different areas of engineering according to the needs of our projects and our clients. By working closely with our global business partners, we offer services for digital signage, smart TVs and boards, built-in appliances and additional services. With considerable experience in multiple business fields, we are happy to deliver turnkey projects and be a reliable, all-around solution partner.

Highlight Project – (Built-in Appliances) – Antwell

Highlight Project- (Digital Signage) –  Vodafone Park

Engineering for a better tomorrow.

We put innovation at the center of all our projects and services. We work hard to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments of all fields of engineering that our company is invested in, and we come up with new and effective ideas to add value to all projects that we participate in. This allows us to create projects for the digital age, making it easier for our customers and their clients to manage their systems.

Our innovative work is based around two main objectives: To make the lives of our customers easier and to protect our planet. We acknowledge the responsibility that our industry has to Earth, especially when working on HVAC projects, and we do our utmost to make sure that our HVAC systems have minimal impact on nature. While designing additional services to our core products, we aim to increase the comfort of end-users, reduce costs and provide the best solutions for the environment.

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