Ford Otosan Research and Development Center

About Ford Otosan R&D Center

Ford Otosan Research and Development Center is one of the biggest research and development facilities ever created in Turkey. As a giant investment that focuses on the automative industry, the R&D center houses hundreds of engineers and designers.

A Project Worth Fighting For

The Ford Otosan Research and Development Center was a demanding endeavour that perfectly captures the corporate vision of Dansuk Engineering. We took on the project because of our belief that the facility would be a leading force in innovation, and we wanted to be a part of such a prestigious undertaking.

Under concrete demands for the automation process and very strict deadlines for copper pipe installation, we had to design and plan our systems perfectly. Our preparation was so strong that we managed to reach these deadlines despite a three month delay that prevented the start of construction.

Because of the rigid deadlines, the project required us to work in unusual conditions. Thanks to our strong partnership with Ark Construction and Enmar Engineering, we managed to complete the project within a single year.

We strongly believe that the Ford Otosan R&D Center is a remarkable construction, and a considerable feat of engineering.

About the Project

Our HVAC solutions for the Ford Otosan R&D Center consist of state-of-the-art VRS systems and a highly-efficient automation infrastructure. Both of these systems were specifically designed for this unique project.

The overall project includes 39 VRS three-pipe outdoor units and 28 VRS DX outdoor units.

On Site Tours

We provide on site tours to Ford Otosan R&D Center for all our current and prospective clients. To visit one of the biggest R&D Centers in Turkey and to personally see how we overcame numerous challenges to complete HVAC systems for this ambitious project, you can contact us via mail or visit our Tours page.

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