Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital

Profesör Doktor Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital

The Profesör Doktor Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital was built as a part of the effort against the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Located on the site of the Ataturk Airport, this emergency hospital has a capacity of one thousand patients. The project was planned after the start of the pandemic and completed within forty days thanks to outstanding effort from our business partners, field workers, and our team of engineers

The hospital is named after Dr. Murat Dilmener, a renowned Turkish physician who lost his life due to the novel coronavirus.

A Fast, Efficient and Healthy Solution

Air quality is important for all types of buildings. But in the case of a hospital, air quality becomes essential, as the slightest error could cause important consequences.

With years of experience and expertise, Dansuk Engineering was tasked with providing the HVAC infrastructure of this important project.

The project consists of a total of over a hundred DX and VRF outdoor units with a capacity of 5000 kWs. All units at the hospital are connected over BACNET for a strong and efficient automation infrastructure.


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