Antwell is Turkey’s first health-oriented residence. A unique project situated in the center of Istanbul’s Anatolian site, Antwell allows residents to focus on their social lives and activities without worrying about daily tasks like cleaning, cooking or shopping.

Dansuk Engineering and Antwell: A Close Partnership

We provide cutting-edge HVAC solutions, as well as digital and white-goods solutions for the Antwell project.

Antwell places health at the core of all its services. This means that having perfect air quality at all times is essential.

In order to meet the particular demands of a project that is the first of its kind in Turkey, we collaborated with AntWell from the very beginning. We designed and installed the HVAC systems, and we will continue to manage them in the future.

To meet the high standards of a health-oriented residence, we used cutting-edge VRF systems. To make sure that the systems never suffer a setback, we constantly monitor the HVAC infrastructure from our headquarters. We also provide energy monitoring to optimize our systems and lower costs.

Along with our HVAC systems, we also provide digital and white goods solutions for the Antwell project. The televisions and appliances are high-quality Leisure products, in line with Antwell’s vision of an excellent lifestyle.


We provide on-site tours at Antwell for all of our current and prospective clients.

Contact us via mail or visit our Tours page to experience this innovative project, and get more information about the HVAC systsems / digital solutions that we provided for Antwell.

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