Preventative Measures Against Infectious Diseases for HVAC Systems

The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded the world about the importance of well-maintained, healthy air conditioning systems.

Air conditioners that are not routinely inspected can pose health risks. However, systems that are well maintained and equipped with the necessary precautions can prove to be a crucial step in fighting Covid-19 and other airborne infectious diseases.

After the start of the pandemic, many reputable organizations have published research on the spread of the novel coronavirus and on the preventative measures that should be taken for HVAC systems.

You can reach two of these studies below:

OSHA – Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

ASHRAE – Position Document on Airborne Infectious Diseases

In light of these scientific initiatives, Dansuk Engineering offers solutions under seven different categories for protecting your air conditioning system against Covid-19. These solutions are applied according to the requirements of your facilities.

1 – Equipment Disinfection

The biggest risk for air conditioners — not just in the case of Covid-19, but in general — is skipping regular maintenance operations. Routinely cleaning the components of your air conditioners is the first step for a cleaner, healthier system.

2 – Chemical Disinfection

Disinfecting components of your air conditioning systems with chemicals that are known to be effective against the novel coronavirus offers a fast and efficient solution against the pandemic.

3 – Thermal Disinfection

The novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 cannot survive in high temperatures. Disinfecting your systems with steam cleaners that produce upto 60°C heat is a great way to protect your buildings from contagious diseases.

The novel coronavirus under different temperatures
TemperatureSurvival of the novel coronavirus
4°C14 days
37°C2 days
56°C30 minutes
60°CRecommended temperature for thermal disinfection
70°C5 minutes

4 – Ultraviolet Solutions

UV light generators placed in your air conditioning systems are capable of destroying pathogens, resulting in higher air quality.

Studies conducted on viruses with the same genetic structure as the novel coronavirus have shown that UV rays have an efficiency rate of over 99%.

5 – Active Oxidisation Technology

Active Oxidation Technology is an innovative approach to increasing the air quality provided by air conditioners. The system works by releasing oxidants to the air, destroying microorganisms with high efficiency.

The graph above demonstrates the efficiency of AOT on several groups of pathogens. To get more information about our AOT solutions, please refer to the page below:

Active Oxidation Solutions for HVAC Systems

6 – Planning

Studies published by ASHRAE and other organizations emphasize the importance of usage habits as much as other preventative measures. Using your air conditioners the right way can prove to be an effective measure against infectious diseases.

However, using your air conditioners according to these directives requires serious time and manpower. Thanks to our experience with Online Monitoring and remote planning, we can program your systems remotely and make sure that your air conditioners are always working under the right conditions.

7 – Additional Solutions

Apart from these solutions, Dansuk Engineering also offers additional preventative measures against contagious diseases.

Desktop UV light generators and air purifiers with HEPA filters could provide very efficient results in small areas, or even areas with no air conditioning whatsoever.

The solutions listed in this page are not universal requirements in the fight agains Covid-19 and other diseases. Different building types and facilities have different needs.

To get more information about our solutions and to get precise details on how you can make sure that your buildings are safe, pelase contact us at [email protected] or at +90 216 651 45 45