The Halas Ship

About Halas

Halas 71 is one of the oldest ships of Istanbul and has a rich history dating back to the final days of the Ottoman Empire. The ship — originally named Reshit Pasha — was purchased in 1914, but was not delivered immediately because of the First World War. After the end of war, she was brought to Turkish waters but remained in service of the British Government.

After coming into Turkish control in the early 1920s, it was renamed “Halas”, meaning “liberation.” She served as a passenger ferry for years before it was decommissioned. The ship has been owned privately since 1984 and serves as a luxury cruiser after numerous renovations.

An Intricate Challenge of Engineering

We took part in the latest large scale renovation project of the historical ship and installed high-tech HVAC systems for a luxurious air-conditioning experience.

Equipping Halas with cutting-edge HVAC technologies included many challenges, such as installing high-performance systems on a moving vessel, using intricate technology that will constantly come into contact with corrosive seawater, and maintaining the historical look of the ship while doing all of this.

We overcame these challenges by carefully designing the world’s first water-cooled VRF project, adding to the unique nature of this beautiful ship. During the installation phase, we took measures to protect the system against the effects of saltwater.

The innovative solutions that we have provided for Halas continue to be functional and highly-efficient to this day.


We provide on-site tours to Halas, a beautiful part of Istanbul’s history.

All of our current and prospective clients are welcome to join us for a beautiful experience on the Bosphorus, where they can enjoy the cruiser and get further information about how we overcame the intricate challenges of providing a reliable HVAC system for this project.

To book a place for a tour to Halas, you can contact us via e-mail or visit our On-site Tours page.

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