Crowne Plaza

About Crowne Plaza

Located at one of the historic neighborhoods of Istanbul, Crowne Plaza Old City is based in one of Istanbul’s most significant apartment complexes.

The building currently used by Crowne Plaza was built in 1922, after a tragic event: In 1918, a great fire raged through densely populated regions of Istanbul.

The government undertook a building project to provide housing to people who lost their homes, and appointed celebrated architect Mimar Kemaleddin Bey to build the residences. The buildings at Laleli were completed in 1922, and at the time were called Harikzedegan Apartmanları — literally, the “Apartments of Fire Victims”.

This important work of architecture is currently used by Crowne Plaza as a facility bringing together the history of the city with a modern hotel.

About the Project

The HVAC systems at Crowne Plaza have been designed for maximum flexibility and user comfort. The completed project includes a total of 417 indoor units and 49 outdoor units for a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly VRF system.

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