Arctic Domestic Appliance Factory

About The Arctic Domestic Appliance Factory

Arctic, the biggest domestic appliance producer in Romania, is one of the countries most important countries.

Arctic’s new factory, located in Dambovita, is a state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 project located over an area of 11.000 square metres. Built with an initial investment of around 150M Euros, the factory displays the latest stage in industrial production.

This innovative production facility is based on a highly-digitalized and robotized production line where most appliances are produced with complete automation.

Dansuk Engineering – HVAC 4.0

As one of the first large-scales examples of Industry 4.0, Arctic’s new smart factory has unique requirements. All aspects of the HVAC systems in the factory have been designed to accommodate these requirements. Different stages of the production facility are equipped with efficient and environmentally friendly VRF and AHU / DX systems.

As with the rest of the factory, all HVAC systems are managed by a strong automation infrastructure, enabling a completely automatic process of ventilation, heating and cooling.

As seen from the images below, the HVAC infrastructure is followed constantly with our innovative Online Monitoring system. Following the system at all times enables us to create ideal conditions in the factory, as well as quickly detecting and resolving any potential issues.

The total capacity of all systems that Dansuk Engineering has provided for the Arctic Factory is 4.890 kilowatts.

Renewable Energy

One of the most important aspects for modern production facilities is the use of renewable energy. Our systems at Arctic’s new factory includes a ground-breaking Solar Cooling project that provides innovative solutions designed specifically for this project.

Using high-technology Concentrated Solar Panels, our systems efficiently convert solar power into electricity, using the generated power to provide cooling solutions for the production lines. This environmentally friendly and sustainable solution has been financed with the incentives from the European Union.

You can get more information about our Solar Cooling solutions from this article.

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