Anthaven Aspat

About Anthaven Aspat

Anthaven Aspat is a high-end residence and seaport, located at one of the most prestigious districts of Bodrum, Turkey’s premier holiday destination.

Unlike most residetial complexes of Bodrum, Anthaven Aspat is perfect for year-round use, as it brings the unique nature of Aspat with the comfort of modern life.

The project consists of two types of residences, as well as a hotel, coffehouses, grocery stores, restaurants and a spa.

About the Project

Dansuk Engineering provides the HVAC systems for the Anthaven Aspat project.

One of the most important aspects of this project was to provide distinct solutions for the different types of buildings according to their specific requirements.

With years of expertise in designing HVAC systems for various building types, our engineers designed the perfect systems for different parts of Anthaven Aspat, including the residences, supermarkets, coffehouses and the office spaces.

It was equally important to design efficient and powerful systems that would be fitting of the luxurious lifestyle offered by the project, while not harming the unique nature of Aspat. To achieve this goal, we used high-tech VRF and multi systems.

The project consists of 127 mini-VRF outdoor units, 35 Multi outdoor units and a total of 537 indoor units.

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