Baymak Head Offices

About Baymak Head Offices

Baymak is one of Turkey’s leading brand in consumer electronics, producing high quality air conditioners, water heaters and renewable energy products.

The head quarters of Baymak are located in Tuzla, an industrial district located near Istanbul.

 About the Project

Dansuk Engineering offers optimization services for existing HVAC Systems at the Baymak Head Offices, as well as applying preventative measures against airborne infectious diseases.

At the beginning of the project, the HVAC systems at the Baymak offices were analyzed thoroughly. After consultation with Baymak executives, work started on selected areas of the system.

The main goal of the project is to increase the efficiency and the air quality in the facilities, and to offer preventative solutions against airborne infectious diseases like Covid-19.

To get more information about how we can improve your HVAC systems to create healthier conditions, please refer to the following page:

Preventative Measures for HVAC Systems


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