Seba Taşevler

About Seba Tasevler

The Seba Taşevler project is located at Yalıkavak, a famous district of Bodrum. The project, which includes more than sixty luxury villas, was completed in 2021. Unlike many other projects in summer resorts, Seba Taşevler has been designed to support four seasons of living. All aspects of the project have been implemented with the plan that the houses will be used not only in summer but also throughout the year.

Apart from residences, the project has its own beach, recreational areas and luxurious facilities.

About the Project

Dansuk Engineering provides the HVAC infrastructure for Seba Tasevler. In accordance with the needs of the project, the air conditioners at Seba Tasevler are high-end, environmentally-friendly systems that are designed to meet all needs of the residents.

The cooling aspect is handled by cutting-edge, environmentally friendly VRF systems. Similarly, environmentally friendly and efficient heat pump solutions are used for heating purposes. In terms of scope, the Seba Taşevler project is one of the largest heat pump projects in Turkey.

All systems of the project were carefully designed to consume as little electricity as possible, creating a sustainable HVAC project within the limited infrastructure around Bodrum. All systems used in this project have been arranged so that they can be integrated with renewable energy sources in the future.

Our 84 systems at Seba Tasevler consist of a total of 560 indoor units.

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