Taksim 360

About Taksim 360

Taksim 360, located at the center of Istanbul, is Turkey’s first “Urban Renovation” project. Spanning a construction site of over 165.000 m2, Taksim 360 aims to revolutionize one of Istanbul’s most historic districts.

Recognized as Europe’s Best Urban Renovation Project, the award-winning Taksim 360 complex includes offices, apartments and residences.

About the Project

In the spirit of the project, Dansuk Engineering has provided modern and highly-efficient HVAC systems for Taksim 360. As the nature of the project requires different solutions for residential and bıusiness-oriented areas, our team of engineers have provided perfect designs for the individual needs of different zones.

An important aspect of our project at Taksim 360 is the two-dimensional automation system. As with many of our projects, Taksim 360 has a strong central automation infrastructure. But the residents have also been provided with a more personal option to use their smartphones to control their HVAC systems according to their own needs.

This cutting-edge, personalized experience allows users to completely personalize their usage habits and also provides other IoT-based solutions including access to usage stats and even AI generated recommendations and efficiency tips.

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