Seba Göktürk

About Seba Göktürk

Göktürk is one of the newer neighborhoods in Istanbul, gaining prominence in the 2010s. Designed by and named after Seba İnşaat, one of the leading construction companies of Turkey, Seba Göktürk places emphasis on the natural beauty of the region.

Situated near a forest, Seba Göktürk aims to create the comfort of an urban center without altering the green landscape.

The project consists of four different phases which include different types of buildings, including large apartment complexes and smaller villas.

About The Project

In accordance with the project’s motto “Return to Nature”, Dansuk Engineering has provided efficient and environmentally-friendly VRF solutions for the HVAC systems at Seba Göktürk.

The completed project consists of 1500 indoor units and 370 outdoor units.

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