Mesa Urla

About Mesa Urla

Located in a beautiful district of İzmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, Mesa Urla aims to create an enjoyable, slow and luxurious life style. Consisting of over 68 villas, the whole project covers an area of around 70.000 square metres. One of the principal goals of the Mesa Urla project is to grant its residents all comforts of modern life, while preserving their touch with Urla’s green landscape.

About the Project

Dansuk Engineering provides HVAC solutions for the Mesa Urla project. In nature with the projects goal of combining a comfortable, modern lifestyle with nature, our systems at the project are state-of-the-art VRF systems that are highly efficient and environmentally-friendly. Designed to have a minimal impact on Urla’s beautiful, green surroundings, our project consists of 625 indoor and 138 outdoor units.

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