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Vodafone Arena

Vodafone Arena is the new sports and entertainment complex that is signed between Besiktas Gymnastics Club and Vodafone Turkey. The stadium is located in İstanbul Bosporus coast between Beşiktaş and Kabataş districts.

The BJK İnönü Stadium which was used  between 1947 and 2013 was demolished  in the scope of Vodafone Arena project  in 2013. In June 2013, the construction of Vodafone Arena football stadium began in the existing place.

Vodafone will make the new Besiktas stadium as the first intelligent stadium in Turkey. All the bleachers will be covered and there will be 41903 seats and 147 lodges.  Vodafone Arena Besiktas, as well as being a new house, is designed consisting of shopping mall, 1800 square meters of “Kartal Yuvasi” and Besiktas club museum, so people can have nice time in this complex. Moreover, this complex will serve as an entertainment center, a concert hall, living area and a fashion center. Vodafone Cep will also offer services to sport fans and visitors. In short, people can go to Vodafone Arena not only for matches but also for daily visits.

The stadium is equipped with high‐tech heating & cooling system and designed with 3 ‐pipe systems. The first floor will be 26 °C, while the second floor will be 38 °C for the two-floor designed stadium. For the stadium which is still under construction 541 indoor units and 48 outdoor units were used for the air conditioning system.

Vodafone Arena Stadium is Turkey’s first and only environmentally friendly stadium.  Photo voltaic systems were used for sun power, the rain water collection system for water storage, and green=building certified building materials were used in this stadium. This project consisting of innovation from ozone-friendly gasses in air-conditioning units to 100% air flow air-conditioning units.

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