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The Ship Halas

Halas 71 is one of the oldest ships of Istanbul. Halas 71 built in Glasgow, Scotland in 1914 was bought by Ottoman Empire at the same year. After the Armistice of Mudros in 1918, the ship titled “Resit Pasa” entered the Turkish territorial waters. After serving for 4 years for an English insurance company, the shipped was taken by the Istanbul domestic city water lines (Şehir Hatları).  The shipped served as an Bosporus tour ferry  for 65 years under the title of “Halas”. Afterwards, it was restored into a modern luxury cruise ship with 15 cabins in 1984.

During the restoration work of ship in the historic and unique beauty of Bosphorus, we found the chance to visit the shipyard in Yalova. The beauty of this unique ship was implemented the world’s first water-cooled VRF project. When we put forward our this idea, there was very opposer. The small device inside units and high-efficiency water-cooled outdoor units in the industry was used with advanced automation.

The deformation of the copper is very fast due to the ship in the sea. Additional insulation and thick copper pipes were laid.

When 3 water cooled group was used for different volume of ship, we recognize the possibility to backup the other rod change.

The most sensitive part of the system is water for external unit. Although normally there are steel heat exchanger in the outdoor unit, it is difficult to endure seawater. Therefore, 2 circuit water circulation was made. While primer circuit made fresh water circulation, secondary circuit was used as source of seawater. Even in very high ambient seawater temperature does not exceed 23 ° C , very low ambient seawater temperature does not fall below 8° C. In consultation with the LG outdoor units have expanded a bit more performance. We put 75 kW additional heater in the fresh water line.

In 2009, the shipped was bought by Mustafa and Caroline Koç and renovated according to original ship plan. 52 meter-long, 120 passenger capacity “Halas 71” which combines comfort with the historical textures is hosting some of the famous people for 12 months of the year.

As a part of the project, VRS and System Air Conditioners were successfully installed by Dansuk Engineering. There were 56 indoor and 17 outdoor units used in this project. Titanium heat exchangers were used for the ship’s heating and cooling systems.

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