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Ford Otosan R&D Center

Ford R&D Center is a giant investment which will take a place in the history of Turkey as the leader of Turkey’s automotive R&D. We wanted to take part in this project because Project Ford has been one of the biggest research and development centers of all time, in Turkey. We would like to take part in this project due to the Ford project is one of Turkey’s largest ever R & D centers.

It is the biggest R&D center in Turkey. R&D Center from Ford Otosan is a new automotive technology center. The R&D center was built in Sancaktepe. From the foundations at July 28th 2013 to April 29th 2015, people worked very hard for this giant project. This project serves as a technology campus for  both engineers and designers.

As in all big projects, we bid in Promena 1, 5 in advance and we won the tender after a tough process and gained the right to take the project.

Only keeping the prices lower wasn’t enough to take the project so we presented the experiences of both our company and our crew extensively to ark construction. After the examination, we gained the right to undertake the project.

More important than the majority of the project, we were asked to develop an extensive automation and finish a great amount of copper tubing within only maximum 4-6 months. Such a difficult period for us.

Since there were some other problems occurred we got to start the project 3 months later than we supposed to. Though the deadline was as the same as before.

We elaborated on the capacity of the project and product details with Mr. Murat from the project firm Enmar. We changed some of the capacities and diameters because of the distances of tubing of some districts.

We finished a detailed work including all tubing and outer unit placements within only 1-1,5 month.

Switchboard teams and mobilization studies have begun around the month may.

During the first tubing, the concrete of the action floor was still in the drying process. Moreover the concrete hasn’t even poured to the upper floors

With the support of Ms. Hatice and Mr. Recep from Ark Construction, we farily coordinated with the firm İnşel. With a great team work we achieved almost 2000 meters of tubing for each team and 100 inner unit assemblies including special technic and equipment. Depending on the need in the building site, sometimes we even reached 300 staff and continued assembling. We deeply believe that we accomplished a well designed project even an artifact.

Consummately, 2 blocks with 6 floors each is heating and cooling with 3 tubing system while aired with automated air conditioning switch boards. It is clearly seen that the project covers 120 outer units from 4 different sides so that indicates the difficulty of the implementation of the project. The project which was started by our company at the beginning of 2014 was finished at the end of the same year.

In total, the project consist of

39 VRS systems 3-pipe Outdoor Unit

28 VRS system DX Outdoor Unit

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