Ziraat Towers – Istanbul Finance Center

About Istanbul Financial Center and Ziraat Towers

The Istanbul Financial Center is an ongoing project that will create a world-class financial center in the Umraniye district of Istanbul. Apart from banks and leading financial companies, the IFC will also include hotels, restaurants and similar amenities for visitors and employees.

Ziraat Towers is one of the leading investments in this project and consists of two skyscrapers which will serve as the new headquarters of Ziraat. The project undertaken by Kalyon Insaat has a LEED Gold certificate.

About the Project

The HVAC infrastructure of the two skyscrapers are provided by Dansuk Engineering. The project hosts one of the largest Chiller systems in Turkey, as per the demands of the two skyscrapers.

The project was completed with environmentally-friendly LG systems, in accordance with the buildings LEED Gold Certificate and the general environmentally-friendly approach of the IFC.

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