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Antasya Residence

Antasya Residence is surrounded by vast forests , in the midst of the Asian side , between the Boğaziçi bridge and FSM bridge. It has lush landscaping. There are residence tower, a large complex consisting of two office towers and a shopping center in the this place. This project was built on 80,000 m2 area. Nature, shopping , sports, theater, movies, food and  sociability are nested. Thus, the desired everything ease instant access is supplied. There are 617 apartments, opened swimming pool, children’s pool, indoor sports facilities and covered parking.

VRS system project was started by a team of 15 people to work with Dansuk Engineering, all devices are designed according to the concept of luxury. All apartments building is conditioned with multi- split air conditioners . The mirror conditioners were used in this project.  Project design work started in 2013, in 2015 the project has ended.

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