TÜVTÜRK Head Offices


TÜVTürk is the sole institution authorised for perodical vehicle inspection in Turkey. Offering various solutions to car owners, TÜVTürk has over two hundred test stations and around four thousand employees across the country.

The TÜVTürk Head Offices are located at the Seba Office Boulevard Complex.

About the Project

We provide HVAC and system management solutions for TÜVTürk Head Offices.

The project uses a highly efficient Heat Recovery system and includes over a hundred indoor units. The system rooms are specifically designed with back-up measures and are cooled with split systems.

By offering management and maintenance services, we make sure that the systems at the TÜVTürk Head Offices are always running under optimal conditions. Our Online Monitoring service allows us to detect problems at very early stages and lower costs for the office complex.

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