Mandarins Acıbadem

About Mandarins

Located at the heart of Istanbul’s Anatolian side, Mandarins Acıbadem brings together the best of an urban lifestyle. With restaurants, coffee shops, parks and more, residents enjoy a prestigious living space right in the center of the city.

About the Project

We provided heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for the Mandarins project.

In accordance with the high standards of the project, we used cutting-edge HVAC technologies that are efficient, environmentally friendly, silent and user-friendly.

All systems at the Mandarins Acıbadem project are built on shell-and-core principles. After moving in to your residence, we can offer you the ideal systems for your apartment.

To get further information about our shell-and-core infrastructure at Mandarins Acıbadem, please visit the Mandarins Shell and Core page.

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