Le Chic Tarabya

About Le Chic Tarabya

Le Chic Tarabya is a residence project built by Deniz GYO. The project is located in Tarabya,  one of Istanbul’s central and beautiful neighborhoods.

The project consists of 14 buildings, 156 apartments and a social complex.

About the Project

Dansuk Engineering provides the HVAC infrastructure for the Tarabya Le Chic project.

As its name suggests, Tarabya Le Chic places comfort and luxury at its very core. To accommodate maximum flexibility for residents, the project uses multi-split air conditioning units. The completed project includes 156 outdoor units for each apartment. All apartments have two indoor units, for a total of 312.

The HVAC infrastructure of the social facilities is designed according to the requirements of the space and uses VRF systems. The project for the social facilities include one outdoor unit and ten indoor units.

All systems used for the Tarabya Le Chic project are LG products.

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