Ant Plato

Ant Plato Shell and Core projesi Dansuk Mühendislik

About Ant Plato

Ant Plato is a twenty-five storey office complex which includes 180 office units. Built and sold around Shell-and-Core principles, Ant Plato offers perfect solutions for all workspace needs. The office complex, which also includes four store areas, is located in a central location in Istanbul’s European side.

About the Project

We provided HVAC solutions for the Ant Plato project, and we continue to offer services to individual office units on a shell-and-core basis.

By offering design and management solutions, we make sure that the air conditioners at Ant Plato are always working under optimal conditions.

All of our solutions for Ant Plato are based on Shell-and-Core principles. If you have an office at Ant Plato or are thinking about buying / renting one, you can get further information about our services from our Ant Plato – Shell-and-Core page.

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